October 4, 2022


This is not one of my typical KI Memoirs, but a continuation of “Dark Hollows Haunted Trail.” So go read that one first if you haven't already. I wanted to shed some light on the 2021 revival of Dark Hollows.

It wasn’t an easy endeavor. I carefully planned this project over the last three years; where it would be held, what the theme would be, how extravagant I could make it given budgetary restraints, etc.

Perhaps Bay Times & Record Observer journalist Luke Parker tells the story best in his article, 'Reanimated' haunted trail brings spookiness back to KI. I’ve also included a picture of the article if you prefer that.

If I can give the community of Kent Island even just a taste of what Dark Hollows was like, then I’ve done it justice. I want this haunted attraction to grow into something we can all be proud of and make it the new annual Halloween tradition.

2021 marked the return of Dark Hollows after 22 years of silence, but 2022 brings even more scares with a hint of history. Historic Kent Island proudly presents Dark Hollows Reanimated: HYSTERIA… a witch hunt.

'Reanimated' haunted trail brings spookiness back to KI

'Reanimated' haunted trail brings spookiness back to KI

2021 Dark Hollows Reanimated: Possession of Kent Asylum

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J. Coursey Willis

J. Coursey Willis, born Joshua Bryan Willis, is a lifelong resident of Kent Island with a family heritage on Maryland’s Eastern Shore tracing back to the 1600s. With a love for various creative canvases and a fear of the bland, Willis proudly lives a hectic lifestyle. Nostalgia and passion are conveyed through his work. Although most recognized for his music, he is carving out a name as a local historian and author that takes pride in the heritage of his hometown.

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