Preserving Kent Island's Legacy: We Need You

All great movements start with a few supporters; without support, any venture will fail. Therefore, we need your help. Our mission is to discover, restore, investigate, and preserve the historic and cultural heritage of Kent Island. We affectionally call this system DRIP and apply it to everything we do.

Kent Island is in the crosshairs of irresponsible development, so foremost, we must spread awareness of its significance as one of America’s earliest and previously most disregarded English settlements. Education is our foundation, and from there, we build. The more that are aware of our island’s importance, the more will fight to save it and your donation empowers this goal.

As our budget expands, so too shall we. Our DRIP programs currently comprise Memoirs of Kent Island, Paths from the Past, Seven Secret Sites, and Save the Graves. But those things cost money … lots of money. For instance, one piece of signage costs about $2,500 and that doesn’t include the laborious hours of research and writing. So please donate what you can to save where we live and create the best quality of life obtainable.

We provide donation acknowledgment letters to donors who have given a $250 or more, but we are happy to provide one for smaller donations upon request.

Thank You for Your Support